Boston University Visited Our School波士顿大学访问我校

2014年9月11日,美国波士顿大学副校长兼招生办主任Kelly A.Walter女士来到我校,对国际部中美、中英项目的优秀学生代表详细介绍了波士顿大学以及其他留学事宜。




On Sep. 11, 2014, Ms. Kelly A.Walter, the vice-principal and Director of  admission office of Boston University, came to our school and gave an introduction to the outstanding student representatives from US and UK program about Boston University in detail.
Firstly, Ms. Kelly presented a short video to introduce Boston University. It is one of the top 50 universities in the world, which is located in Boston, next to Harvard and MIT. With the international policy, it could attract the students from all over the world.
After that, Ms. Kelly gave the students a brief introduction about the undergraduate education in the United States based on her years of work experience, including the application requirement and the deadline, some preferential policies for the international students, etc., which give students more guidance for their entrance planning. In addition, she also introduced the application procedure of Boston University in details. Students took actively part in interacting with the guest. Their fluent and passionate English impressed Ms. Kelly. The atmosphere was relaxed and lively during the whole lecture.
All in all, students acquired further information on undergraduate education in the United State as well as Boston University through this activity, and also broadened their horizon. They learnt more the application procedures and skills. They have made one step forward to the famous American universities.


Our students and teachers with Ms Kelly

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