Hotel Visit Report 八十中学国际部师生参访北京丽都饭店

Hotel Visit Report

The hotel industry is sometimes referred to as ‘the largest industry in the world’ and reports suggest strong future growth in the hospitality sector particularly in Asia. The hospitality industry can offer a range of interesting career and business opportunities for the future and with the growing importance of technology, social media and enhanced service quality the need for technologically sophisticated, bi-lingual well educated employees will grow.

In order to provide an insight experience into this important industry, in November 2014 a group of students from Beijing No 80 High School International Department enjoyed an educational visit to the Crowne Plaza Beijing Lido hotel. The hotel is part of the International Continental Hotel Group Plc, one of the largest hotel companies in the world. The hotel itself has a long history in Beijing. It is over 30 years old and one of the first international hotels in Beijing. It is an important and well known venue in the city, and we were told on the visit that it was used as the location for the Press Conference for the communications to families Malaysia flight MH370 in March 2014.

The students were shown around the hotel by the training manager Ellie Wang, introduced to international trainees  from France and Switzerland, taken to various departments including the Front Desk and the main restaurant. They also had the chance to meet the General Manager of the hotel and ask her direct questions about managing a hotel. Each student wrote a report after the visit, highlighting the key things they had learnt from the experience. For some the visit awakened an new career interest, for others it gave a better understanding of the importance of motivation and job satisfaction in choosing a career. The opportunity to enter different work places is a vital experience for students as they start to plan for their future careers. Many of the lessons learnt by this trip can be applied to all kinds of careers.

What did students learn about the hotel industry?

To work in a hotel a ‘love of the job’ is vital
“As with drawing a picture, you should be patient and careful in your work. If you can feel happy in your work, you will not feel tired and you will be willing to work hard. Your work can become your entertainment’ Bettie 10 A1

Be willing to start at the bottom to work up to the top
“Every new worker must train before they can go to work. Experience enables the worker to understand the business and how to improve it. Gradually they can take on more responsibility as they understand more” Martin, George, Casey 10 A1

“No matter what part you want to work for you have to be an intern first and do basic work, to improve your ability and give you experience” Sophia 10B1

Hotels require strong team work
“A foreign intern told us…the most important things are team work and attention to detail. Only in this way can workers help each other and do everything well” Fiona Tan 10B1

Communication skills are important and English language skills are essential
“They all said that the most important ability to manage is the ability to communicate” Jevy 10B1

International hotels offer many opportunities for different roles and travel
“I asked the General Manager if there is an advantage to studying hotel management in a foreign school. She said this would help enter at a higher level, but there are many hotels and many roles to do. She had worked all over the world in her career” Daniel 11 A1

Good service is key so you must enjoy working for people
“I think to be outgoing and optimistic is very important in hotel management” Zoe 10B1
“You must not think it is a humble job, you are the person that gives service to others and you must feel comfortable and happy when you do this’ Emily 12 B1

“During the visit there was a kind manager who showed us around and introduced us..the most unforgettable thing that happened is in the lift we met an Indian man, she said hello and asked if he had a comfortable trip, and the smile on her face was full of sincerity’ Maxime 10A1

Beijing No 80 High School department welcomes all opportunities to provide rich stimulating work place experiences for students. Our students really value these opportunities, as Winifred 10B1 said
“This trip made me know much more things about the hotel industry and made me clearer about my future plan for my career. Thanks to my school and my dear teachers they gave me this chance for my benefit’.




1. 在酒店工作重要的是“热爱这份工作”

“当你在画画时,你应该耐心并且小心的对待这份工作。如果你在工作中感到开心,你就不会感到疲倦,并且愿意努力工作。你的工作就可以成为你的娱乐。”Battie 10 A1

2. 愿意从底层工作干起

“每一位新员工在工作前都要接受培训。这份经历会让员工了解这个产业并且了解怎样去提高。渐渐的在了解的越多之后,他们就能承担更多的责任。”Martin, George, Casey 10 A1

“不论你以后想做什么工作,你必需先成为一名实习生并且做最基本的工作,去提高你的能力并且增长你的经验。”Sophia 10B1

3. 酒店需要很强的团队合作

“一名外国实习生告诉我们,最重要的事情是团队合作和关注细节。只有这样,员工才能更好的互相帮助,才能把事情做好。”Fiona Tan 10B1

4. 沟通能力很重要,英语是必备技能

“他们都说最重要的管理能力就是沟通。”Jevy 10B1

5. 国际酒店为不同的角色和旅行提供了机会

“我询问总经理在国外学校学习酒店管理是否有优势,她说这会帮你达到更高的水平,但是酒店的种类和角色的种类太多了。她在世界各地的酒店都工作过。”Daniel 11 A1

6. 好的服务是关键,因此你必需享受为人们工作

“我觉得在酒店管理中,外向和乐观是很重要的”Zoe 10B1

“你不能认为这是一份谦卑的工作,你是为别人提供服务的那个人。并且当你做这份工作时,你应该感到舒服和开心”Emily 12 B1

“在此次参观中,有一位非常好的经理带领我们参观并且为我们介绍。最令人难忘的是,在电梯里我们碰到了一位印度人,经理带着真诚的微笑问他是否旅途舒适”Maxime 10A1



Students meeting with the restaurant manager


The General Manager of the hotel shares experience of her career in hotel management


Students and teachers by the Christmas Tree in the Hotel Lobby


Students talking with a international intern

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