The reading report meeting

   In the afternoon of March 19th, 2015, Growing up with reading, the reading report meeting of Beijing No.80 High School International Department  began at the multi-purpose hall. The students and the teachers from Grade 10 & 11 and the school  administrators attended in this activity. The activity also invited Shen Shuyan, a distinctive  Chinese teacher in Beijing No.80 high school, to act as the jury.

   The hosts  began with  “Study for the rise of China”, quoted Zhou Enlai at the beginning of the meeting. The quotation led to the topic of this reading report meeting - Growing up with reading, helped the students understand the value of reading.

   There were twelve students from grade 10 & 11 sharing their experiences about a variety kinds of books, such as classical, poems, fiction novels and marketing books in this reading report meeting. Among the competitors, Xu Mingfei from 11-A2 humorously introduced the audiences an excellent fiction novel “The Three Bodies”. He demonstrated the significant meaning of this novel and encourage  the students to read the literature which is not very popular though, won acclaim. Zhang Lida, the president of student union recommended the marketing handbook of MI Sense of Participation to students. After reading, he applied the knowledge in the book to the real life, formulated many good ideas to organize the student union. His application of books’ knowledge benefited students a lot. Wang Ruimeng, student from 10-A2 affectionately shared her perceptions of reading the poems written by Li Qingzhao.

    After that the students from the reading club of Han Mo Shu Xiang showed their works on the book the great Gatsby in the last semester. They highlighted the historical background and analyzed the characteristic of the characters in the novel. Their original interpretation and profound thought of this classic provide the audience with a broader view.

    In this reading report meeting, the deep understanding of books as well as the broad range of books deeply impressed all the listeners. Mrs. Shen spoke highly of this reading meeting, “It’s the most splendid reading meeting I’ve ever seen .”she said. She also assessed the performance of every book sharer, and encouraged all the students to read more good books.

    The final part is the awarding. Both Xu Mingfei from 11-A2 and Wang Ruimeng from 10-A2 won the first prize.

    After the meeting, Mrs. Cui, the director of International Department, indicated that this meeting was successful. According to her point of view, not only the fantastic speeches given by the students but also the full attentions paid by the audience showed the high quality of the students in International Department. Students also loved this meeting. “This reading report meeting broadens my horizon, and makes me be more interested in reading.” A student said after the meeting. “I hope we will have more activities like this.”








主持人激情开场 the hosts annouce the beginning of the competition

学生认真参与比赛 classmates interflow their opinions


           members from books reading corporation givee presentation

评委老师为学生发言打分    the judging panel marks the competitiors

一等奖许鸣飞演讲the 1st prize owner Mr.Xu gives his speech

获奖学生领奖         student get awarded

老师为获奖学生颁奖    holding the award cereony

申淑艳老师点评学生发言   teacher Shen makes a guidance

崔为民主任为比赛 做总结          

Ms.Cui makes conclusion for  the competition

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