IN电台举办首届“In Scream”歌唱比赛圆满落幕
IN电台举办首届“In Scream”歌唱比赛圆满落幕
    2015年十月中旬,八十中学国际部In电台成功举办了首届In Scream歌唱比赛,并于十月底圆满结束。本次文化交流活动在国际部引起了热烈的反响,并赢得了广大师生的赞誉。

活动海选于1019日至21日举行。在三天中,选手们进行了激烈的角逐。受邀老师和同学积极担任评委工作,海选顺利结束。经过了电台上下繁忙的赛前筹备和持续三天的海选,决赛于1027日拉开了序幕。晋级决赛的选手们来自不同的班级,语言班的同学们也参与其中,可谓异彩纷呈。所有进入决赛的选手都以极高的演唱水准和极强感染力打动了老师和同学们。最终,经过评审教师的评判以及现场所有观众的投票,11-A2的智胜杰、张瑞航组合夺得冠军;语言高级班的马泰夺得亚军;10-A1的汪澍、陶泉明组合夺得季军。在阵阵掌声中,由八十中学国际部In电台举办的首届In Scream歌唱比赛圆满落幕。

The Singing Competition In Scream SuccessfullyHeld By IN Radio Station

In October 2015 in a period of 10 days the Beijing NO.80 high school broadcast teamIn Radio hold the singing competition In Scream, which endedsatisfactory in the end of October. This cultural exchange activity gained a greatfeedback and the candidates gained the audience praise.

The castings were from 19th to 21th October. In this 3 days, the candidates wentthrough a really exciting competition. With the help of the teachers andstudents as jury the castings finished very smoothly. After going through the 3days of casting, the finals could finally begin on the 27th of October. Thecandidates, who were chosen for the finals all come from different classes,even of the language class. The very emotional and high standard of singingfrom all the candidates touched the hearts of the teachers and students. Eventually, afterthe teachers judgment, as well as the students votes, Zhi Shengjie and ZhangRuihang were chosen as winners, Ma Tai from the language class got second placeand Wang Shu and Tao Quanming got third place. It can be said, that thissinging competition was a full success.

     The singing competition has built a platform forstudents to show and present themselves. Thus, the students life after schoolis not only enriched, but also their confidence and courage are both enhanced. Also under the backgroundof the global multi cultural International Department, this form of competitionhas boosted the cultural communication, allowing the relationship betweenstudents of different countries to grow even closer. Furthermore, this activityfrom the IN Radio student club will have a positive effect on the activitiesof other student clubs of the International Department in the future.






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